Rosewood Jolly Doggy Tough Multi Texture Flamingo Mini Tug Toy

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Rosewood Tough Multi Texture Mini Flamingo.

  • Tough Rubber Chew/Fetch Toy.
  • Long-Lasting and Engaging Fun.
  • Help Clean and Floss Dogs' Teeth.

This Rosewood Play Plus toy is made from a variety of textures for multiple ways of play. The tough rubber shell and rope legs satisfy natural gnawing instincts, along with a squeaker to encourage playtime engagement. This toy offers long lasting playtime fun with multiple grab points for both you and your dog, ideal for games of tug and toss! High quality exposed ropes help to clean and floss your dogs teeth as they play, tug and chew!.

  • 1 x Rosewood Tough Multi Texture Mini Flamingo.
1 Year